It is scientifically proven that nutrition is crucial when we talk about cancer and other Degenerative diseases. If we want to understand how cancer prevention through diet and nutrition effectively works we first need to understand the role of foods on our body. Same thing if we want to work on our current state of health in case we have already developed a certain disease.

Until 2004, scientists believed that RNA was just a copy of DNA, which lead to the assumption that our genetic expression was fixed, that is, if we had a genetic predisposition to a certain degenerative disease, including cancer, our destiny was just that and we could not do anything to change it. The great news is that this is not the case, at least not for 90% of the population. In the Genome Project work, scientists discovered that RNA is extremely vulnerable to oxidative damage. Oxidation happens when oxygen interacts with cells of any kind. Contact with oxygen produces a change in those cells. As a consequence, some cells may die, where are replaced by new cells after a few days.

This death and formation of new cells is a natural process in your body every second of your life. This is fundamental to keep your body in health. Our body is constantly creating free radicals through breathing, exercising or digesting food. However, while the human body oxygen very efficiently, 1% or 2% of your cells get damaged in the process and their molecules turn into free radicals (Bloomberg 2012). Free radicals are unstable molecules with unpaired electrons. They are a kind of free and irregular because they are missing a critical electron. When free radicals are in our body, they don’t just kill cells.

They tend to injure the cell, damaging the DNA, which leads to an increased risk of negative health outcomes. When a cell’s DNA changes, it becomes mutated. A mutated cell can grow and reproduce abnormally, rapidly. A cell that reproduces wit Cancer Prevention Through Diet and Nutrition damaged DNA has produced a new imperfect copy of itself, whose proliferation can lead to chronic health problems.

That being said means that we can make changes to our RNA and consequently to our DNA in either good or in a bad way. We can choose to damage it or to protect it or even to repair it when damaged. The choice is ours. But in doing so we need to know which is the right key for cancer prevention through nutrition and diet.

The web is full of articles and sometimes misleading or inaccurate information. I always to refer to my scientific knowledge when I write my articles and to official scientific facts, which are the only ones you should trust. What it is not scientifically proven it means that is just based on assumptions, not on facts and when talking about health we should really not rely on assumptions, but on real, proven facts. I am Vesna Brajnik, Certified Nutrition Therapist and Researcher at the Health and Science Academy in London. I am specialized in DNA prevention and Child’s Brain Development through Nutrition. I work with people who seek health in their lives, either for a prevention or when fighting against already developed diseases.

But returning to our discussion on how diet plays an important role in preventing cancer when we say that food can either protect or damage us, we really mean it. I will explain to you this very simply here. Environmental factors, such as pollution, chemicals and pesticides in foods and drinks, smoking, prolonged stress, crap food, have the power to damage our DNA, because they produce a massive amount of free radicals that our body is not able to handle and as we explained earlier, those free radicals may cause oxidative damage to our RNA and consequently to our DNA.

So, what can you do to build your own programme on cancer prevention through nutrition and diet? You can certainly reach out to a nutritionist specialized in the DNA protection to guide you in the right direction with an individual programme and a correct cancer prevention diet plan. Personally, I always go through various assessments in my online individual consultations to have a whole picture about my client and to discover all nutrition deficiencies, despite a certain disease. However, to give you some useful tips in this article I can advise you to first adopt the so-called “cancer diet” to eliminate cancer-stimulating agents, such as smoking, high-fat diet, excessive exposure to sunlight and pollutants, high-meat diet, alcohol, prolonged stress, etc.

The next step is to build up the strength of the immune system with the diet rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and fibers, drink plenty of water and herbal’s tea like cat’s claw, which is a potent immune booster. The best food if you need a cancer prevention foods list is to concentrate on foods rich in vitamin C, E, A, Selenium and Essential Oils Omega3 and Omega6.

If you are looking for a good prevention diet book, Protect your DNA with the right food is certainly the one that has a deep explanation about how DNA gets damaged, the causes of it and it contains a Complete 30-Day Programme with recipes that already contain all the above mentioned essential foods to protect yourself against degenerative disease and to help you in case you have already developed a certain disease.

I wish you all the best for your health and I hope you found using the information I shared on cancer prevention through nutrition and diet. If you want to keep in touch you can follow me on Instagram #dna. nutritionist, where you will also find many healthy recipes.

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