For those ones who know me from my blog or my therapies, are aware of the fact that in every article I write I refer to proven scientific studies, because my studies are based on science, while there is a lot of confusion about the information found on the Internet, which many time result as being unreal or get misinterpreted. For this reason you should pay a lot of attention to what you read and to the way you rely to the material you find on the Internet. Personally, I always refer to scientific knowledge and to proven, official scientific research. As you may know, I often recommend to my clients the use of boswelic acid in the preparation of their dishes and now I’ll explain to you why.

What do scientists have to say about this exceptional phytochemical?

Boswelic acid is one of the essential phytochemicals your body needs to function properly. Phytochemicals are biologically active compounds in food. They are not classified as essential nutrients, since our lives do not depend on them, as is the case with vitamins. However, they play a vital role in the biochemistry of the body in such a way as to affect our health as significantly as vitamins and minerals. For some experts consider them as the nature’s pharmacy. They are present in fruits and vegetables, just like vitamins, minerals and fibers.

Scientists agree that much of the disease prevention in humans is also provided by phytochemicals. They have the ability to protect the DNA from oxidative damage and the development of heart disease by inhibiting oxidative damage to LDL cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol. Phytochemicals are not stored in our body. This is why we have to take the phytochemicals on a daily basis. Over one hundred of these substances have been identified, where 30 have scientifically proven benefits for human health.

One of these is undoubtedly the boswelic acid, which can be found naturally in the frankincense herb. It has proven effects on the death of cancer cells, particularly on brain tumors, leukemia and colon cancer. It is also excellent as a liver protector, useful for arthritis and can successfully reduce asthma symptoms.

However, since it is not always easy to include this herb in your daily dishes, I often recommend buying the organic powder of Boswelic acid, easily found on the Internet and using it in the preparation of your dishes. Make sure it is organic.

Personally, I often prepare soups or salads, to which I add 1 teaspoon of boswelic acid. This is a very smart way to regularly add this essential phytochemical into your diet. Particular attention should be given to pregnant and breastfeeding women, as they should avoid it, since it can increase blood flow to the pelvis and the uterus, encouraging menstruation.

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