What you will get:

  • First Individual Online Consultation (Skype, Whatsapp or Phone)
  • Through specific Assessments, I will identify health issues and Nutritional deficiencies
  • I will analyze your current Diet and your Food preferences
  • You will clearly understand how to improve your Health and Lose Weight in a healthy way
  • Targeted strategy with clear and synthetic answers on how to fill Nutritional deficiencies to solve health issues
  • You will receive clear answers on which Vitamins, Minerals, Phytochemicals and Fibres I will increase in your Daily Diet and why
  • You will get your 30-Day Nutritional Programme, including specific herbal teas
  • Calculation of daily Caloric intake
  • All my Nutrition Plans include: Low levels of Cholesterol, Saturated Fat and Sodium, max levels of Antioxidants, Phytochemicals and Fibres, together with Daily caloric intake Personalized to your age, constitution and physical activity
  • You will receive your Shopping List, in order to know what to buy at the supermarket
  • A Guided Tour at the Supermarket in a Video call
  • Max focus on achieving results
  • Weekly Follow-up to identify the results achieved and correct any errors e (Skype, e-mail, Whatsapp or Phone)
  • Max attention in the 60 days of the Programme (explanations, motivation, correction of possible food errors)

What is in the Programme

This is a weight loss program based on proven scientific methods. Before I build any Individual Programme, I base my assumptions on the following:

  • The role of Brain on food
  • Hunger hormones
  • What big losers do that other do not
  • How not to feel hungry during weight loss
  • When fat is not fat: water retention and food intolerances
  • How to fix lack of willpower
  • Psychology behind successful weight loss
  • Body composition and metabolic analysis

This is why my Programmes are so efficient. Losing weight is not a big deal, keeping the achieved results is what matters and makes a Programme efficient and it is the only result you could possibly accept!

Now tell me…

Would you Invest 2 coffees per day for your Health with such and Exclusive Programme?

This programme costs 180 euros at no extra cost. It extends over 60 days (30 days of Programme + 30 days of Follow-up), your costs for this Exclusive Programme is therefore 3 euros per day only!

You are not sure about your state of health or do you have both overweight and health problems at the same time?

No problem! Contact me and together we will find the solution that best suits your needs.


If you think about the risk that you run with certain genetic predispositions and environmental factors to develop degenerative diseases and do not follow targeted prevention programme, you understand very well that by doing so you face high risks for your health that end up not only in expensive therapies, but often in even more traumatic events. It is therefore essential to understand why you accumulate weight and adopt a nutritional programme that can fill your body with essential nutrients you are missing out.

My programmes are based on scientific studies. I studied at one of the best Academies in England with scientists with PhD at Harvard University. My preparation is therefore really high. Remember that there is no worse for a nutritionist that hoping the nutritional plan will work out. I do not have to hope, because I have scientific solutions in hand and that’s why my programmes are so exclusive, effective and the results prove it.

The delivery of the Complete Individual Programme takes place within 7 days from the first consultation.