About Me

Welcome to the world of Health!

Hi, I’m Ves,

  • Nutrition Therapist
  • Advanced Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Specialist
  • Specialist in Food Allergies and Intolerances

If you will decide to be part of
my World, I will teach you things on
Nutrition that you cannot even imagine!

In my Consultations

I use tools, calculators and

Assessment methods developed directly

by scientists that I make

available Exclusively to my clients

to Identify the Nutritional Deficiencies

Identify Specific Needs of each individual

to Provide

Unique Nutritional Plans … Learn about my Method

Vesna’s new Book is now available

This Book is a 30-Day Nutritional Programme
It allows you to protect your genetic expression, therefore your DNA with the Right Food. The book explains what happens to your body when external factors interfere with your RNA causing damage + contains the Recipes for the whole month, to have a Total Protection through the right Nutrients.

I am a Certified Nutrition Therapist

My Professional Certificates

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